The Hellenic Antipoverty Network participates in the Foundations for Futures Europe (FFE) project, which responds to the call for promoting social commitment and solidarity. It seeks to engage citizens from different socio-economic, geographical, and cultural backgrounds in dialogue on issues of common interest in the context of the rights and responsibilities of European citizenship. In partnership with Maynooth University in Ireland, Novi Sad University in Serbia and Pécs University in Hungary, the Antipoverty Network in Ireland and NGO Urkraft from Sweden, we create an online platform that aims to strengthen citizen participation in the cross-European dialogue and the shaping of the European Union's social policy for the future.

The results of the above process are depicted concisely and coherently in the multipliable methodology we produced to be used in order to facilitate vulnerable groups with an emphasis on refugees and asylum seekers to participate in public debate processes to develop social action, cultivate democratisation, interculturalism and promote European values while countering Euroscepticism.

This toolkit serves as the basis for similar activities and aims to trigger the interest of various communities of vulnerable people as well as professionals with its simplicity and adaptability. 

Please find the toolkit here:  Designing the social europe of the future (EN).pdf

Βρείτε εδώ το toolkit στα ελληνικά:   Σχεδιάζοντας την κοινωνική Ευρώπη του μέλλοντος (EL).pdf